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Star Wars Chubbies Leia (Russian Nesting Doll Figures) by Hot Toys

November 19, 2014


Hot Toys is most famous for its very expensive and very detailed 1/6 scale figures, but they’ve also done a number of other kinds of toys, like this series of figures styled after Russian nesting dolls released back in 2008. I remember buying a few of these, but never really got into them and I think they sort of petered out not long after these were released. They are made of plastic in two pieces, with magnetic feet that double as stands.


The smaller figures (Slave Leia and Endor Leia) all fit inside the larger Boushh figure, although the feet don’t really fit inside, as far as I can tell.


The Boushh figure also has a helmet at backpack (not pictured).


Hot Toys hasn’t made figures in this series for a number of years, but apparently Unbox Industries is reviving the concept for some new figures due out shortly. And they are supposed to be releasing a Jabba, Bib Fortuna and Salacious Crumb! (Click here and scroll down to see.)

In a related note, I posted about some actual Star Wars nesting dolls a few years ago.

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