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Mosep Bineed and Custom Marvel Comics “Jabba the Hutt” Figure

March 9, 2016


As I explained in my “Jabba’s Palace Roll Call” video about Mosep Bineed, Jabba the Hutt’s first appearance (if you can call it that) was actually in the Marvel Comics version of Star Wars. Since this was long before Return of the Jedi came out, they had no idea what Jabba the Hutt actually was supposed to be like, so they ended up basing his design on that of a cantina alien. It was later decided that the character in the comics was actually Jabba’s accountant Mosep Bineed, who sometimes used Jabba’s name (although that isn’t very convincing, especially since everyone would be able to tell right away that he isn’t a hutt).


The figure on the left is Hasbro’s version of Mosep Bineed, who looks a bit different from what we saw in the comics. The one of the right is a custom version of the figure meant to represent how he looked in the comics. It was kindly sent in to the site by one of my readers. (Thanks!) The main changes are the color of the outfit and boots, but he also removed the topknot and shortened his whiskers. I think it came out well. The paint on the outfit and boots in particular is quite smoothly applied. I’m happy to add him to the many other Jabbas in my collection!


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  1. January 16, 2017 11:22 am

    Care to share who that reader is? I’d love to hire him to do one for me!

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