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Jabba the Hutt Tsum Tsum Plush (Mini and Large Sizes)

March 3, 2016


Tsum Tsums are little stackable plushes in the shape of Disney characters. They started out in Japan as a sort of spinoff of a video game, but have taken on a life of their own. Now they’re available in many places in the US, including the Disney Store and places like Target (although the ones you can get at normal retailers are limited — many of them are really only available through Disney). While they started out just using classic Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they soon branched out into other Disney animated characters, and from there to Marvel characters like the Avengers, and most recently to Star Wars. You can see the entire first wave of 12 characters above, and they have many more in the works. But of course I’d like to look closely at Jabba in particular.


The Tsum Tsum style works better for some characters than others, but I think it works very well for Jabba. He’s really quite cute!


He has a tail while most of the figures just have a rounded bottom. And he only has two “feet” to represent his arms, while a normal humanoid character would have four. The primary size that all characters come in is “mini,” which you can see in the photo above, but for some characters they also make medium and large sizes. For Star Wars, Chewbacca and Jabba are available in the large size as well as mini. I was quite happy to see that, since several of the characters are only available in the mini size. Here are the two sizes together:


The large size could double as a small pillow.


My kids and sister are both big fans of Tsum Tsums so it seemed natural for us to get the first wave of Star Wars characters (and my son chipped in some leftover Christmas money he had been saving). But I don’t expect to be buying large numbers of these. Still, we’ll have to see… I made a video covering all of the Star Wars Tsum Tsums that you can see below.

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