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Upcoming: Star Wars Tsumtsum Plushes Coming on February 16th?

February 2, 2016

Also, pictures of medium and large Star Wars from the UK website!!! #disneystore #tsumtsumtuesday #tsumtsum #starwars

A photo posted by tsumtsumtsum (@tsumtsumtsum) on

This post from Tsumtsumtsum on Instagram indicates that the new Star Wars Tsumtsums will be released on February 16th (although this is apparently for the UK, so we can’t be absolutely sure the same will be true for the US). Not only that, but the Star Wars Tsums will be available in three sizes: small (the “original” size), medium and large. Just look at that gloriously large Jabba! Apparently only the small sized ones will be coming on the 16th, while the larger sizes will follow on the 23rd (I swear Disney does this kind of thing just so they can charge us more for shipping…)

Also, here’s an article from Yahoo about the new plushes. They have nice photos of all of the small versions, like the one below. I take issue with their suggestion that the name is pronounced “soom-sooms” though. I suppose that’s Disney’s attempt to make it easier for English speakers to pronounce, but in Japanese the “t” is definitely not silent.


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