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Star Wars Wikkeez Jabba the Hutt

August 10, 2015

Although I had never heard of them before, Wikkeez are an ongoing series of figures/game pieces available in the UK, Germany, Spain and Israel. There are Disney and Marvel versions, and they’re just now starting to branch out into Star Wars. In addition to being collectibles, you are also intended to use them in games that apparently consist mostly of flinging them in various ways. As you can see in the photo of the back above, there’s an indentation in each Wikkeez piece where your finger is supposed to go, although it’s definitely made for kid-size fingers. Here’s a commercial for the Disney versions to give you an idea.

It looks like there are 20 characters in Series 1, but I can’t say that I particularly like the style they used. They seem simultaneously too generic and too childlike. Also, the Disney versions have the characters’ full bodies (albeit with very oversized heads) while these are just heads. I think I would’ve preferred the full-body approach. The only graphic I could find showing them all uses artwork instead of actual photos of the toys, but you can click the first link above to see actual photos. In its shape and size, the Jabba figure reminds me a lot of a German toy (this time of the Clone Wars version of the character) that I posted about a couple of years ago. I can’t see myself collecting any more of these, unless they came out with characters specific to Jabba’s palace — especially since I have to import them.


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