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Hasbro Legacy Collection Slave Leia (with “sitting” legs)

March 28, 2010

This is the latest version of Slave Leia that Hasbro has produced. It’s most notable for the second set of legs that it comes with, allowing you to display her sitting down as she might on Jabba’s throne. You just pop one set of legs off of the torso and put the other one on. She also comes with Jabba’s toasting cup and a staff or halberd of some kind that she took from Jabba’a guards. In terms of the likeness, it’s just so-so. I think the Saga Collection one is more attractive, and even comes with a real chain instead of a plastic one. But since this is the only Slave Leia that can sit down convincingly, I think most people will want this one for their Jabba displays. Here she is with my repainted Ultra Jabba.

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