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Salacious Crumb Figure by Me

February 2, 2015


My adventures with sculpting continue, this time with a Salacious Crumb figure. My original intent was for this to be a companion to the Jabba the Hutt statue I sculpted recently, but I think size-wise this turned out to be too large (he’s about 3 inches tall).


Since Crumb is so spindly, I needed to first make a wire armature over which I could sculpt with Super Sculpey. While I’ve used wire on a very limited basis in the past, this is the first time I’ve made a full figure this way, so it was a learning experience, but it actually worked exactly as I had hoped. I assembled the armature using blobs of epoxy putty to keep it together. Here’s a quick shot of it with some clay applied. I baked it a couple of times during the process, since it was really hard to handle the sculpture without accidentally destroying some of the work I had already done. (I should really have attached it to some sort of a base, but I was able to use his tail as a kind of handle).


The green bits below are epoxy putty that I added toward the end for some details since I had concerns about being able to add small amounts of clay and having them stick to the figure. I used a paperclip for the armature in the ears, since the normal armature wire is much too thick.


The hands and feet look fairly good, but I had actually wanted them to be thinner and more spindly looking. I’ll have to work on that.


Here he is with Jabba. As I said, he’s probably too big to fit alongside him, but he does go nicely on this base I found (it’s the separate base from the Attakus Slave Leia figure).


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