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Vintage Return of the Jedi Pajamas (With C-3PO, R2-D2 and Jabba’s Sail Barge) by Wilker Bros.

November 25, 2014


I’ve written at length in the past about how vintage pajamas and other clothing items are some of the harder items to track down, even though they aren’t really very valuable. These are no exception. I think these are the only ones I’ve found in the years I’ve been actively collecting. But even if they were mint in the package they wouldn’t even come close to the action figures in terms of “collectibility” or value.


I like pajamas in particular because they remind me of a particular time in my childhood when I would’ve worn something very similar to bed. One of my “holy grail” items would be a mint-in-package version of the Jabba the Hutt pajamas that Wilker Bros. also produced. Right now, all I have is the tops. Still, since these are the same design and color, I can marry the bottoms from this set with my Jabba tops, add in the matching bathrobe and I’ll have a complete set.

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