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Jabba the Hutt Polo Shirt (Lacoste Parody) from Super 7 & WeLoveFine

October 10, 2014


Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been very busy with work, and the introduction of the new iPhones has also been a bit distracting for me… In any case, here is something that I first posted about in July. They became available at Super7’s online store a while back and I ordered right away, but it took several weeks to ship even though they claimed it was in stock. It seems they ran out and had to have more made. It’s a Super7 exclusive, but also bears the WeLoveFine logo, so was apparently made in conjunction with them.


This is obviously a parody of the iconic Lacoste alligator polo, with Jabba the Hutt playing the part of the alligator. The patch is pretty well done, but if you look at the image on their site, it seems like the position of the patch is off on mine. I think it may just be because mine is an XXL, while the one in the picture is probably an M or something. Still, it struck me as a little off when I received it. I think it should be a couple of inches closer to the left sleeve.


The shirt is $45 plus almost $10 shipping. When you consider that it’s basically just a normal black polo with the exception of the tiny patch, that seems pretty expensive. Quality-wise, the shirt is okay, but to be frank the polos you can get at Target seem to be more comfortable and better quality — at least to me. I have a LOT of Jabba the Hutt-themed t-shirts, but I don’t actually like wearing t-shirts much. I generally wear polos just because I find them comfortable, so this seemed like a natural fit for me. But I have mixed feelings about it due to the expense and somewhat mediocre quality.

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