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Upcoming: Jabba the Hutt Polo Shirt to be Available at SDCC

July 20, 2014


Super7, the company that has recently been making waves with its Reaction series of action figures (based on unreleased prototypes of figures for the movie “Alien”), has recently announced that they will be releasing a line of Star Wars T-shirts and polo shirts. You can see a number of them here, but of course I’m most interested in the Jabba polo shirt, which is a perfect parody of the Lacoste alligator. They will be available at SDCC for $25 (which is apparently a discount from the usual price of $35) but it doesn’t sound like they are exclusive to the show. I hope not, anyway.

EDIT: They’re now available on their store, but it turns out the price I quoted above was for the T-shirts. Polos are more, at $45 (!).

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