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Displaying the SDCC-Exclusive Black Series Jabba the Hutt’s Throne Room

August 17, 2014


The SDCC-exclusive “Jabba’s Throne Room” set comes with some fairly elaborate packaging, but its design is not fantastic if you want to just display the figures in the packaging on a shelf. The two obvious options are keeping the package closed (meaning that you can’t see the figures at all) or having it open as in the shot above (which takes up way too much room for the average shelf). Some have just cut the flaps off entirely. There is another option, however. If you bend the front flap (with the rancor pit on it) under the package and the top flap (with the Star Wars logo) behind the back, you can display it fairly well. I also decided to go ahead and remove all of the plastic parts sticking up from the throne and I think it looks quite a bit better. (Although there’s still plastic covering parts of the throne’s surface that can’t be removed.)


When folded under, the bottom flap sticks out about one inch from the back, so it won’t sit flush against the back of the shelf, but that’s a lot better than the alternatives. I used some black paperclips to hold the flaps in place:


In the shot above, you can see that I’ve made a few alterations to my Slave Leia figure. This is definitely a work in progress. I replaced the fraying piece of material used for the skirt with a piece cut from the FAO Schwarz-exclusive Slave Leia’s skirt. It’s really too transparent, but I don’t think it looks bad. I also replaced the collar and chain with ones made out of metal. I just used some jewelry crafting supplies I had lying around.


Leia seems happy about the new additions, anyway! 😀 How are you displaying this set? Feel free to post links to photos of your own setup!


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