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Previews Exclusive 12″ Talking Jabba The Hutt Plush by Underground Toys

April 8, 2014


When I first mentioned this plush back in July of last year, it had a rather different (and inferior) design. At the time, I said that it was supposed to come out that November. I believe that mine is one of the first of these to actually become available, which means it got delayed by around 6 months. It goes for around $30 is apparently made by Underground Toys.


It’s a very nice size for a plush — around 12″ wide. I’m pretty impressed with the design. They did a great job of getting his major features, including his fat rolls, chin, eyes and nose. He’s made of a very soft plush material that I quite like the feel of. Things like his nose and mouth are embroidered, and they’ve even embroidered his tattoo (although it’s a little hard to see and should really be red instead of green).


Here’s a short video to show you his voice. The lines seem to always play in the same order, and they all appear to be from the prequels. I recognize one or two from the added scene with Han Solo in A New Hope, but I’m not sure about all of them. I’m relatively sure none of them are from Return of the Jedi, however, which is disappointing. You press his tummy to get him to talk (of course the “I TALK” sticker and tag can be removed).

Aside from the choice of voices, I’m very happy with this. It’s high time we had a proper Jabba plush. I’ve harped on this before, but the pickings have been mighty slim when it comes to Jabba the Hutt plushes. In the 30+ years since the film, the only officially licensed plushes we’ve had were very small (the Star Wars Buddies Jabba and the Jabba the Hutt Scruffy), while we’ve had dozens of Yodas and Vaders. Strangely, there are two other Jabba plushes coming out later this year: one from Comic Images and an Angry Birds Jabba the Hutt Pig so I guess our long wait is finally over. 🙂

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