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Upcoming: Previews Exclusive 12″ Talking Jabba The Hutt Plush

July 16, 2013

jabba plush

Looks like this bad boy is coming to us in November. I’ve always said that it was surprising that they didn’t have a proper Jabba plush, considering that you can get plushes of just about everything these days. Sure, they’ve had a couple of very small ones (the “Star Wars Buddies” Jabba and the “Scruffies” Jabba), but not a proper sized plush, so this is exciting. It’s apparently 12″ long, which isn’t huge but is at least respectable. It even talks! It should retail for about $30.

EDIT: It seems that the version above was just a prototype and that the actual product will look like the image below. I like the new version better for the most part, although it loses the good-natured smile from the first one.


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