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Upcoming: Jabba the Hutt Latex Figure and Rancor & Keeper Vinylmation Figures for Disney Star Wars Weekends 2014

March 4, 2014


Last year at Disney Star Wars Weekends 2013, they had quite an impressive selection of exclusive merchandise, and this post from the Star Wars Blog indicates that there will be at least a couple of Jabba-related items this year as well.

The first is a “Jabba the Hutt latex character,” which I assume is similar in its construction to the latex Salacious Crumb they had last year. I was pretty impressed with that, especially for the price, so I’m excited about this, even if it does have his tail going behind him. That’s not really his iconic look, and brings to mind the CGI Jabba of the prequels, which is not my favorite design.


There’s also going to be a Rancor & Keeper Vinylmation set which is clearly a sort of companion piece to the Jabba the Hutt & Salacious Crumb set from last year. I still think the Jabba from that set was way too large. At least with the rancor he seems to be more or less in scale to the normal Vinylmation figures. I believe the same person who helped me get items last year is willing to do so again, so I won’t be at the mercy of eBay sellers to get these limited items.

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