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Disney Star Wars Weekends 2013 Latex Salacious Crumb Figure

June 4, 2013


I’ve always liked Salacious Crumb. Maybe it’s partially because he’s essentially a muppet, and I have fond memories of Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. But I also like the idea that Jabba has this little jester/pet sitting next to him on the throne. It’s one of those little details that they could’ve left out, but didn’t. He’s certainly a minor character, but I’ve seen quite a number of fan-made puppets go up for sale over the years, usually for many hundreds of dollars. There’s never been a commercial product quite like this, though. The closest would be the life size statue by Sideshow Collectibles.


This figure is only available at Disney theme parks during Star Wars Weekends, and retails for $35. That’s really  cheap when you consider that he’s around 18 inches tall and even come with his own pillow to sit on. Disney merchandise is usually so overpriced that I’m quite surprised they didn’t try to charge more. And frankly, I think he’d still be a pretty good deal even at around $50-$60. His skin is made of latex, while the inner stuffing is polyester. His arms, legs, tails and ears all have wires in them so you can pose them a bit, although getting a good pose that also allows him to sit up without falling over is not easy. It’s also a little difficult to get his unruly hair to stay in place. I’m considering hairspray…


The sculpt is really quite good, although I think the transition to latex made the details softer than they might otherwise have been. As you can see, his tail fits through a little loop in the pillow to help keep him on, although you can remove him completely if you like.


As you can see, he’s noticeably smaller than the Sideshow statue (which was supposed to be life size, but may be a little on the small size compared to the actual puppet). Still, it’s not a huge difference and I think most people would be happy to consider this a life size figure. I can see all sorts of interesting possibilities for this figure, whether it’s Star Wars costuming, practical jokes, or just play. I briefly considered bringing him to Japan with us on our upcoming trip and taking pictures of him in various locations like the “traveling gnome,” but calmer heads (my wife’s, specifically) prevailed.

My only real complaint about this figure is that the paint job is a little basic in places. The mouth in particular doesn’t look realistic because it’s all been painted more or less the same color, without anything to make a clear delineation between his “lips.” So I touched mine up with a little brown paint mixed with black. It took all of 5 minutes to add a little definition to the mouth and a bit around his beak, but I think it made a world of difference (see below).


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  1. June 5, 2013 1:46 am

    I was wondering whether you’d get one of these. It does look very nice and that price is very nice considering it’s Disney.

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