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Link: “Dear Mind Powers Work Our Leaders” Sculpture by Michael Leavitt

January 1, 2014


The artist Michael Leavitt had an exhibition entitled “Empire Peaks” at the Jonathan Levine Gallery not long ago. It consisted of sculptures combining historical and political figures with Star Wars characters. Some of the choices included Abraham Lincoln as Han Solo, Gandhi as Yoda, and Einstein as R2-D2. Of course, Kim Jong-Il as Jabba the Hutt caught my eye.


These are apparently a mixture of hand-carved cedar and other mixed media, and are fairly large. On the whole they seem quite well done, even though it’s possible to argue about the character choices made, or whether it’s even a good idea to mix some of these historical figures with make-believe characters from a galaxy far, far away. But it’s certainly thought-provoking, which I think is something that art should be.


You can inquire at the gallery by email about prices and availability of the individual pieces. I won’t say the price they quoted me for this piece, but it was in the 5 figures. Needless to say, I’ll be passing.

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