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TC-70 Figure by Hasbro (Jabba’s Protocol Droid/Amazon-Exclusive Build-a-Droid)

December 24, 2013


My apologies for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been sick and quite busy with work, in addition to trying to prepare for the holidays, and it hasn’t left a lot of work for my hobby.

Hasbro recently released an series of 6 Legacy Collection figures, each of which included a build-a-droid part that allows you to construct the droid TC-70. The figures themselves aren’t bad — they’re mostly “army builder” type figures that you might want multiples of. It is interesting that they made this exclusive set have build-a-droid parts, though, since I thought that the build-a-figure concept was mostly intended to get people to buy figures in a wave that they might otherwise be lukewarm about getting. However, it seems that these can only be bought in a 6-pack. The pack supposedly retails for $59.99, but I bought it when it briefly went down to $14.99, which is quite a steal for 7 figures even if none of them are show-stoppers. (As an aside, I noticed a LOT of these hitting ebay just after the price drop.)


TC_70 comes in 6 pieces (one for each figure in the pack, obviously). It fits together pretty easily and stays together well. Just to refresh your memory, TC-70 was Jabba’s protocol droid in the animated Clone Wars movie and TV series. They made an animated-style figure of her (yes, she’s a “female”) in the “Jabba’s Palace Battle Pack” with the Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt figure, but there’s never been a realistic version made before (not too surprising, as there was never a real life version of this character on screen). Here are both versions.


This isn’t the first Jabba-related build-a-droid figure. They also made BG-J38 (Jabba’s Dejarik and Hologames Droid).

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