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Deagostini Boushh Figurine and Magazine (“The Official Figurine Collection” #44)

October 9, 2013


I posted about the “Oola” issue yesterday (issue #45), so here’s Boushh (issue #44). It’s basically the same in structure: a few pages of background for the featured character and several unrelated articles.  Still, I kind of like these magazines and their big glossy photos.


The figure is okay, although I’d have to give a slight edge to the (admittedly considerably larger) Hallmark ornament when it comes to paint and detail. Her staff had come loose in the package, but some superglue fixed that.


There’s nothing too surprising in the information provided, although it did make me think more about the whole rescue plan that the rebels devised for Han. In a lot of ways, it seemed overly complex and prone to failure. Also, Leia was supposed to be impersonating an Ubese bounty hunter who spoke a language that needed translation by C-3PO, but I wondered if she actually spoke Ubese. I had always more or less assumed that C-3PO was oblivious to the rebels’ plans because of how he acted when he was presented to Jabba. But I suppose it’s possible that he wasn’t even actually translating what Leia was saying, but was rather reciting a predetermined speech. I think I need to actually read the “Tales from Jabba’s Palace” book that I bought so long ago. Maybe that would shed some light on the subject. 😀


Here are all of my Deagostini figures so far. There’s still a Max Rebo one that I haven’t managed to track down.


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