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Deagostini Oola Figurine and Magazine (“The Official Figurine Collection” #45)

October 8, 2013


It’s been some time since I posted about the Deagostini figurine collection. I posted about Jabba, Bib Fortuna and the Gamorrean Guard back in 2010, but there were actually several other Jabba’s Palace characters that I hadn’t managed to get at the time. Here’s one: Oola. Like all of the entries in the series, it comes with both a thin magazine and a painted metal figure of the featured character. The magazine isn’t entirely devoted to that character, though. In Oola’s case it’s just three pages of background, plus a page about the creation of the figure.


The figure isn’t bad, really. There aren’t that many Oola collectibles out there, so it’s nice that they made her. The face doesn’t really look much like Femi Taylor, though.


Reading the background story was rather depressing. I hadn’t really given a lot of thought about the implications of her presence in Jabba’s palace, but it seems that she was kidnapped by Bib Fortuna and forced into slavery in Jabba’s palace. According to the background, there was actually another Twi’lek dancing girl named Sienn’rha who had been kidnapped by Bib. Luke actually managed to intercept the girls while they were being transported to Jabba’s palace and tried to save the girls, but Oola, convinced that she would have a life of luxury with Jabba and distrustful of Luke’s intentions, refused to go with them.


Of course, when she arrived at Jabba’s, she found that she had been deceived. She ended up being eaten by the rancor only days after her arrival at the palace. Poor kid.

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