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Link: Life Size Tauntaun Wall Hanging on eBay

July 14, 2013


Many people don’t realize that Jabba the Hutt had some other trophies hanging on his wall in addition to Han in Carbonite. One of these was the stuffed head of a tauntaun. You only got a glimpse of it, and the only time I can think that it has been featured in a toy or collectable was on Gentle Giant’s Jabba’s Palace Bookends. It seems likely that this was a case of the set decorators reusing a tauntaun head from Empire Strikes Back, but in any case I think it’s a great little detail that often gets missed.


Someone on ebay has created a custom tauntaun head aiming to recreate this, and it’s currently already up to $1,875 as of this writing (although I think it started at $1800). That’s is way too rich my by blood, but it is quite cool. You can see in the picture above how big it is compared to the life size Salacious Crumb and Gamorrean Guard bust from Sideshow.

I’ve had plans to do something similar in a smaller scales for my various Jabba’s palace setups for a while now, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to them.

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