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Jabba the Hutt & Slave Leia T-Shirt by Hot Topic

July 14, 2013


I’ll have to say, I really like this shirt by Hot Topic. Rather than just print the photo in a box on the chest, the iconic “Jabba and Leia” photo literally covers the entire front of the shirt, including the sleeves and neck. In some ways, it’s the ultimate Jabba shirt. It’s not without its flaws, however.


There are a couple of areas in the armpits without any design on them where there was apparently a wrinkle in the cloth when the design was applied. It wouldn’t be visible in normal use, however.


More worrying is the fact that the cloth is so thin that you can see the writing on the inside of the back of the shirt from the outside. For $24.50 or more (depending on the size) this seems kind of chintzy. Still, overall I love the shirt. I’m going to keep an eye on Hot Topic’s site for sales or clearances and may try to get an extra one of these before they go out of production.

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