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“Jabba Birthday” Card by PopShots (Pop-up Greeting Card)

March 13, 2013


PopShots sold many different kinds of pop-up greeting cards in the late 90s, and also had a few Star Wars-themed ones. They’re square and open up to reveal a 3D scene of some kind. I believe all of the Star Wars ones used the same art on the front of the cards (the image on the left above). When in the clear plastic cover that they were sold in, you would see the image to the right on the back. But that’s just a sheet of paper — the actual back of the card has a space where you can write a message to the person you’re sending the card to.


Inside it reads, “Birthday Greetings Oh Great Exhalted One,” but I believe the correct spelling is actually “O Exalted One.” Oops. One thing I found very interesting was that on the back of the slip of paper I picture above, there was a sign-up sheet for the “PopShots Collector’s Club.” Members would have 4 card sent to them each month for $20. It sounds like the cards you got would be more or less random, and there were apparently more than 200 in the entire collection. It’s interesting that they were treating the cards more like collectibles than actual greeting cards, but I have trouble understanding who would want to sign up for such a club.


It’s a cool card though. You might be able to get a better idea by looking at it from the side. I know I would’ve been pretty pleased to get a card like this. 🙂

I’ve got one other birthday card that prominently features Jabba, but it’s really a Return of the Jedi card rather than being completely focused on Jabba. And of course I can’t forget my Rebo Band birthday card, either.

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