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Attakus Boba Fett Statue

July 26, 2012

Recently I’ve been trying to fill out my collection of Attakus statues. While they are often not great when it comes to human likenesses, they are very good quality overall, with excellent detail and paint work. And there’s just something I like about them. In fact, I’ve started collecting even some that aren’t related to Jabba. The Attakus Boba Fett has been a little harder than most to find at a good price, but my patience finally paid off.

I’m sure the Boba Fett experts out there can point out a number of inaccuracies with the armor and so forth, but nothing stands out as being egregiously wrong to me, and that’s what I care most about. It’s true that it’s the Empire Strikes Back version, so technically this isn’t appropriate for use in a Jabba’s palace display. But Attakus never made another one, so if you want a Fett in your display, this is it. In any case, the differences between the two versions of armor basically boil down to a couple of different colors (red gauntlets being the most obvious).

Everything on the statue is sculpted, with the exception of the wookie braids, which are actual hair of some kind (possibly synthetic). The only real problem I have with the statue is the pose. He’s kind of leaning back and pointing his gun up in the air, as if to shoot something coming in from above him. It’s a little too bad, since it takes away from the coolness of the character a bit. It reminds me a lot of the Attakus C-3PO’s pose, which is also leaning back.

Here it is with the rest of my Jabba-related Attakus statues (Gamorrean Guard, Han in Carbonite, C-3po, Bib Fortuna, and Oola. (Jabba, Slave Leia, and Salacious Crumb with Hooka Pipe won’t fit here, so I have them displayed elsewhere.)

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