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Metallic Impressions Trading Cards Series 3: Return of the Jedi

March 1, 2012

I posted about the “Bounty Hunters” set from Metallic Images a few months ago, but at the time I didn’t realize that the company had also made box sets for each of the films in the original trilogy. This is the Return of the Jedi box set, which came out in 1995. I was amused by the numbered certificate of authenticity that proclaims that the set is limited to 49,900 sets, which seems crazy large to me.

It includes 20 cards made of metal. They’re actually made of relatively thick metal and have rounded edges, so they seem quite sturdy. The box they come in is also metal, and the cards stand upright in little plastic grooves, which I thought was interesting.

Above you can see the Jabba-related cards. Each card has a nice photo on the front, and another photo plus some text on the back. I got these for next to nothing on eBay, but I’m pretty impressed.

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