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Rainbow Foil (Chase) Jabba the Hutt Dog Tag by Topps

November 5, 2011

Topps has put out a couple of series of Star Wars-themed dog tags, one with images from the live-action movies (like this Jabba, also seen on the right above) and one with images from the Clone Wars cartoon (like this Jabba). In addition to the 24 normal tags in each set, each tag also has an alternate rainbow foil version (like this Jabba) that is much harder to get. There’s only one per box of 24, so getting the foil versions of all the characters would be almost impossible without ebay. I’m glad I just want the Jabba ones… The rainbow effect on this tag is even more difficult to see than on the Clone Wars version, but you can see a bit of a rainbow on the tag on the left, in addition to the difference in the overall color.

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