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Rancor and Keeper Metal Miniatures (For Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game) by West End Games

November 3, 2011

Like the Jabba’s Palace set of miniatures, the Rancor Pit Collector’s Set was put out by West End games for Star Wars: The Role Playing Game. The rancor itself is in 5 pieces (torso & head, two arms and two legs) and is quite heavy. Seriously, you could probably use this as a weapon of some sort. The sculpt isn’t bad, but it does look a little odd to me somehow. It’s more or less the correct scale relative to the keeper and the other models in the series. (Click for a larger view.)

Like the Jabba’s Palace set, this also comes with an insert describing the characters that has their game stats on the reverse. I would say that this set is a lot harder to find than the Jabba’s Palace one. While I wouldn’t really call either “rare” it is certainly harder to get the rancor set at a reasonable price.

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