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Return of the Jedi Film Cell (Bib Fortuna) by Authentic 70mm Film Originals

July 1, 2011


This is a film cell from Return of the Jedi encased in a clear plastic block (which is also shaped like a film cell itself). The block fits into a black plastic stand for display purposes. They made a number of these with different cells and different photos in the plastic case. This one has Bib Fortuna on the front and Salacious Crumb assaulting C-3PO on the back. Click the images for a closer look.


The actual film cell is supposed to be different for each one of these they produced (and since even a single reel of film would yield thousands of individual frames, I don’t doubt that this is true). Mine shows a Gamorrean Guard and the droids. It’s rather difficult to get a good picture of it, since you can’t really even see it in person without holding it up to a light source. You may notice that the scene is reversed here — in the movie, the Gamorrean is standing on the left. You can see both sides of the cell depending of whether you’re looking at the front or back of the product, so I can’t really say that this is wrong, but it might have been more natural to have the cell flipped so it looks normal when seen from the front.

Overall, I’d say it’s okay, but not really that impressive (especially since the original price tag on mine was for $49.99!). I got mine for about $5, which I guess isn’t too bad. As collectibles incorporating 70mm film cells go, I definitely prefer my Ralph McQuarrie Lithograph, but it was a lot more expensive (and the film cell isn’t the focus of the product by any means).

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