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Mike Edmonds (“Jabba the Hutt’s Tail”) Autograph

April 18, 2011

Although he’s probably best known as Logray the Ewok among Star Wars fans, Mike Edmonds was also one of the three men inside the Jabba the Hutt puppet. Edmonds, a little person, was inside Jabba’s tail and was in charge of moving it around. While Mike is one of the signatures on the upcoming Jabba the Hutt Connoisseur Series autograph piece that Wattographs is working on, I also want to get individual autographs of the main performers. I got this one during an sale and it ended up being on the same photo that my Toby Philpott autograph is on. It’s probably my favorite shot of Jabba, but I don’t really want to display two of the same shot, so I may need to talk to Toby about getting another signed photo…

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