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News: Jabba Joke on “The Cleveland Show”

April 17, 2011

I’m a little late posting about this, but in the recent “Cleveland Show” episode “To Live and Die in VA” there is a short cutaway joke that features Kendra as Jabba the Hutt, Rallo as Salacious Crumb, and Roberta as Slave Leia. The joke itself wasn’t really that funny (although I do like how they made the table lamp look like Jabba’s water pipe). But it is interesting to note that Kevin Michael Richardson, who plays Cleveland Jr. on the show (among others) also plays Jabba the Hutt in the animated Clone Wars movie and TV show. And of course, “The Cleveland Show” itself is a spinoff of “Family Guy” which did an extended sequence set in Jabba’s palace for their Return of the Jedi spoof entitled “It’s a Trap!

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