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Legacy Collection Bane Malar Figure by Hasbro

February 28, 2011

The character of Bane Malar is a bit of an odd case. He only appeared in Return of the Jedi in a deleted scene, and I believe he was just someone standing in the background even then. His first real appearance was in Decipher’s Jabba’s Palace expansion set for their Star Wars Collectible Card Game. I dug out his card just for you, gentle reader. Personally, I think his name is a bit too “on the nose” for a bad guy, although Savage Opress from the new Clone Wars cartoons is even worse in this regard. I’m surprised they didn’t call him “Baddius Evilor” or something.

Basically, he’s a mysterious telepathic bounty hunter who appears to be armed with a twentieth-century machine gun. The figure is not bad, although the gun is of the super soft and floppy variety. This is the only time we’ve gotten a figure of this character, and given how minor he is, I would assume it will be the last. Still, I guess he fits in well enough with the other denizens of Jabba’s palace.

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