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Rainbow Foil (Chase) Version of Topps Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt Dog Tag

February 26, 2011

I got the regular Jabba dog tag last year (it’s the one on the right), but this is the super-rare rainbow foil (or “holo”) version of the same tag. Click the link for the full story on these tags, but in short they come in cases of 24, with 24 different characters. One random character among these will be the rainbow foil version instead of the normal one. That means that for every case you open, you have a 1 in 24 chance of getting the rainbow foil version of a particular character. Pretty dismal odds if you want a particular one. And to be honest, it’s not really that impressive. Depending on the angle, it can be difficult to even see the rainbow effect. I had to take several photos in order to get one that made it obvious. Anyway, I picked this up from a forum member, and I’m glad to get it. But I’m even gladder that I don’t feel compelled to try and get all of the rainbow versions.

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