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Gentle Giant Max Rebo Band Concert Black Light Poster (Premier Club Gift)

February 18, 2011

This poster was given out in late 2007 by Gentle Giant to members of its Premier Club (a paid yearly membership that gets you access to some exclusive products and other perks). The reaction by most members was… muted. Which is to say that they hated it. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the poster itself, but I think most were expecting a mini-bust or something similar, so to get something that is essentially a poster-sized advertisement for the company’s Rebo Band statue would be a disappointment.

It’s kind of cool though. It was made so that it will glow if subjected to a black light. I don’t happen to have one, but I appreciate the idea, which seems to be to recreate a 70’s-style concert poster. If you click the image above, you should be able to make out the details, which show various dates and locations. I’m not sure why they included several Earth cities in the mix. It kind of ruins the illusion that this might be an “in-universe” tour poster. But I do like how the concert date on Alderaan has been canceled. 😉

I neglected to measure it when I had it out, but it’s quite large. I think it’s probably a full-size 27×40 poster. Special thanks go out to chicanodom at the forums for giving me this for the price of shipping.

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