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Ralph McQuarrie “Jabba the Hutt” Lithograph (70mm Film Originals from Willitts Designs)

January 6, 2011

As many of you know, Ralph McQuarrie was a concept artist for the original Star Wars movies and may be the person most responsible for the “look” of Star Wars. He made dozens of concept paintings such as this one. He’s got a great style.

This lithograph is one in a series that were released in 1997 by Willitts Designs, each featuring a McQuarrie concept painting and a 70mm film cell from the same scene in the actual movie. They came nicely framed and matted. The frame is about 12 x 18, but the actual image is closer to 7 x 15. Press the (very conspicuous) button on the bottom of the frame and the cell will light up, allowing you to see it. Each film cell is different, presumably because they just used a single copy of each film for all of their pieces.

I do like that mine has the subtitled line “I will not give up my favorite decoration” on it (something I say to my wife all the time :D), but frankly, I could do without the whole “film cell” thing. I don’t like the button sticking out of the bottom (couldn’t they have made it recessed?) and because of the electronics and lights inside, the frame is unusually thick — about 1.5 inches.

One of the reasons I was attracted to this piece was actually the fact that they were all signed by McQuarrie himself, as I don’t have an autograph of his. These pieces are still signed with his old-style signature. Unfortunately Mr. McQuarrie suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, so nowadays he just signs his initials (RMQ). As you can see, it’s “limited” to 2,500 pieces, which is really quite high for something like this, so it’s not really that rare or valuable. Still, it’s a nice enough piece.

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  1. December 5, 2011 7:04 am

    Lovely peice…. Ive 9 of these prints… as they turned up cheap in the UK once apon atime abour £30 each

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