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Vintage Desert Sail Skiff Vehicle

January 4, 2011

This was one of the “mini-rigs” that Kenner put out toward the end of their Star Wars toy line. They’re vehicles that weren’t actually in the Star Wars movies, but look like they could have been, and were basically a cheaper, one-man alternative to the larger vehicles. In terms of its design, the sail skiff is basically a cross between the sail barge and the skiff.

I got this one unassembled in the box, including all the original paperwork and unused stickers. It wasn’t sealed and it wasn’t very expensive, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and assemble it and apply the stickers. They were still good even after all this time.

I’ll have to say, it’s a pretty nice little toy. And considering its size, it’s got a lot going on. You can adjust the sail up top in two ways, move the guns on either side of the cockpit, turn a dial on the bottom to make the cockpit and the side fins turn together, and it even has a little gangplank that extends from the nose so you can recreate the scene where Luke is over the Sarlacc pit. Cool stuff. I really need to get a vintage skiff (the full sized one) but they are fairly rare, and can be quite a bit of money, even without the package.

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