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Hasbro 1/6 Scale Han Solo in Carbonite Block

September 5, 2010

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of Hasbro’s old line of 12″ figures. However, some of them are actually pretty good — especially if you don’t mind modifying them a little bit. This Han in Carbonite Block was part of a Target-exlusive two-pack sold in the late 90s. Han himself is essentially a Ken doll and isn’t really worth messing with. But the carbonite block is not bad at all, and until Sideshow released their 1/6 scale Han in Carbonite, this was the only game in town if you wanted a 1/6-scale version of Jabba’s favorite decoration.

If you look at comparison pictures of the Sideshow version and the Hasbro version (see here and here), you can tell that the Hasbro one is quite a bit bigger. I think the Hasbro one is probably oversized, but my first thought upon seeing the Sideshow version was that it was too small. Of course there are a lot more differences than just the size. The Sideshow one is mostly a graphite color, while the Hasbro one is more silver, with a touch of blue. And of course the Sideshow one is made of heavy (and fragile) polystone, while the Hasbro one is hollow and made of plastic.

If money is no object, I would recommend the Sideshow version, if only because it comes with a section of the wall from Jabba’s palace, which looks cool and also solves the problem of how to display it. But the Hasbro version is really quite good, and looks good in a display of much more expensive figures. It would look especially good with a more subtle paint job.

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