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Kotobukiya Slave Leia Vinyl Statue (Modified)

September 4, 2010

Seeing Leia in her metal bikini certainly struck a chord for a large number of young men watching Return of the Jedi, and I know that there are also quite a few women who see her eventual triumph against Jabba as empowering. In short, she appeals to a lot of people for different reasons, which is probably why there have been so many collectibles based on her in this outfit. There’s enough stuff out there to start a focus collection just for her. I’m not quite prepared to do that — I mostly buy Leia items as accessories for Jabba. And in fact, that’s how I ended up with this piece. I originally bought it to go with my 1/6 scale Sideshow Jabba.

Put out by the Japanese company Kotobukiya (which has released a fairly large collection of vinyl Star Wars statues), this figure is technically 1/7 scale, so she’s even more petite than she should be in comparison with 1/6 scale figures. Still, I think she looks reasonably good on the Sideshow throne.

She’s designed to fit on her base, which is modeled after a section of Jabba’s throne, so she requires a little modification to work anywhere else. (Click here to see how she looked before the modification.) In my case, I removed her vinyl skirt and replaced it with the cloth one from the Hasbro Slave Leia figure (still need to do an entry about that one, but here’s a picture — she’s pretty horrible).

However, as you can see, the Kotobukiya Leia has been sculpted in a stylized, anime-like style that doesn’t really match anything that Sideshow makes. This difference eventually led me to turn her back into a standalone piece. The vinyl skirt hid the fact that she is essentially floating above the base, and without it she looked quite strange when I put her back on the base. So I gave her an extra pillow from the Sideshow throne to sit on, and I think it looks pretty good.

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