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Official Pix Celebration V Jabba the Hutt Pin

August 23, 2010

Official Pix handled the autographs at Celebration V, and they made a set of 41 pins that corresponded to the people signing autographs at the show (or, more often, the characters that they played). They only made about 150 of  each pin, and you could only get one by buying a “metallix” photo of the character in question for $10. The 41st pin was of George Lucas, and you could only get that one by spending $100 on photos. I didn’t even know about this until after the fact or I would’ve made arrangements to get one, but luckily someone on the Rebelscum forums was able to help me out.

It’s a little under an inch in diameter and is made of metal. It’s really quite nice.

EDIT: I later found out that there was a second Jabba pin made. More about that here.

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