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John Coppinger Autograph (Celebration V)

August 23, 2010

This is an autograph of John Coppinger from Celebration V earlier this month. John not only sculpted and painted Jabba, he also controlled his eyes via radio control. I’ve always thought Jabba’s face looked rather different when viewed from this angle, but John has said that this is his favorite photo of him, at least when it comes to the colors. When I was researching my article about Jabba’s coloration, he told me that he thought the greens looked most accurate and that it captured the iridescent colors on his face and eyes. (Of course, this is just a scan of the photo, so I can’t guarantee it looks the same way on your monitor as it does in person.)

Since I will have most of the Jabba crew on the upcoming Jabba Connoisseur piece from Wattographs, I hadn’t originally planned to get individual autographs. But then I realized that it would be a good excuse to pick up lots of different shots of Jabba, so I think I will go ahead and get them.

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