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Saga Bib Fortuna by Hasbro

June 3, 2010

This is the newest Bib Fortuna figure, and the best one for my money. I wasn’t at all sure about his mouth when I saw pictures online. He appeared to be wearing very heavy lipstick, which really isn’t a feature of the character at all. I still think they probably could’ve done without the dark red around the lips, but I will say that when you see the figure in person it looks pretty natural.

He’s actually worse than the previous Bib Fortuna figures in terms of articulation, though. The lekku (head tentacles) basically prevent head movement, his outfit totally prevents any sort of leg movement, and his arms only move at the elbows and wrists. So basically all you can do is have him gesture in slightly different ways, or hold his dagger (which fits into his sash when you’re not using it). Ironically, the vintage figure is probably the best articulated version.

If you’re looking for a Bib Fortuna for a modern Jabba display, this is the one I would get. Open mouth aside, the sculpting on his head is quit good, as is the work on the body, and the paint work is nice and clean.

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