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Power of the Force/Original Trilogy Collection Bib Fortuna

June 3, 2010

The Power of the Force Bib Fortuna and Original Trilogy Bib Fortuna are the same figure, but with slightly different paint jobs. They’re similar enough that I’ve decided not to even open my OTC Bib, so I’ve only got an out-of-package shot of the POTF version. I’m not really sure which is better. I’d say the paint is better on the OTC version, although it does have a blue tinge to his skin that I’m not crazy about.

In any case, the figure appears overly bulky, which is common with the POTF-era figures. I’m also not crazy about the hands and arms. There’s no articulation except at the shoulder, so there aren’t very many natural poses you can get out of this guy. His outfit and lekku (head tentacles) pretty much make it impossible to pose the rest of his body as well. He does come with a blaster (which I have temporarily misplaced) but it doesn’t really make much sense for the character, so I wouldn’t use it for display anyway.

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