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Upcoming: First Sighting of 2010 Walmart-Exclusive Hasbro Jabba & Throne Box

May 10, 2010

For some time people have been talking about the Hasbro Jabba that is coming out later this year, but this photo from is the first we’ve seen. This will be the first full throne that has been released for the smaller Star Wars figures since the original one in 1983, so this is a very big deal for Jabba fans. It’s also only the second Oola figure ever made. It’s too bad that you can’t actually see Jabba in the box (I’m guessing they wanted to save on store shelf space), but the box art looks cool, and you can see the Oola figure. I’ve really got my fingers crossed that this Jabba will have a good sculpt. The previous Jabba action figures have all been flawed in some way (and in some respects the vintage Jabba is actually the best, which is kind of pathetic when you consider how much technology has progressed since then).

It’s too bad that this is a Walmart exclusive, since they can occasionally be difficult to find. I’ll post more info as it comes in.

EDIT: We now have pictures of the back of the box, revealing the actual figure. Click here.

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