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French Jabba the Hutt Chewing Gum by Hollywood Chewing Gum

May 8, 2010

Hollywood Chewing Gum is a brand of gum put out by Cadbury France. When Attack of the Clones was released, they created 20 different boxes featuring pictures of different Star Wars characters on the back. Jabba is number 1 of 20 (and rightfully so ;)), although they did manage to spell his name wrong (“Jabba the Hut” with only one “t”). The box is fairly small — only a bit larger than a matchbox — and contains 12 Chicklet-sized pieces of chewing gum.

This piece was generously donated to my collection by Toby Philpott, aka “Jabba’s Left-Hand Man.” Toby was one of the puppeteers of Jabba from Return of the Jedi and controlled his left hand and tongue. He has kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me about his experiences, so I will be posting that sometime in the near future.

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