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Vintage Pepperidge Farm Cookie Tumblers

March 29, 2010

Before I start, let me point you to this entry about Pepperidge Farm Star Wars cookies over at The Metal Misfit. They explain it better than I could, but in short around the time of Return of the Jedi, Pepperidge Farm made cookies in the shapes of various Star Wars characters (including Jabba, Bib Fortuna, Max Rebo, and a Gamorrean Guard). In stores they gave away a free plastic cup with each box (presumably to drink milk with as you enjoyed your cookies). There was a separate promotion where you could also send away for a set of 4 similar tumblers, but those are different cups from these.

Anyway, only 4 of the 5 tumblers have characters from Jabba’s palace on them, but I’ve included them all here for the sake of completeness. Each has a picture on the front and a couple of paragraphs of text on the back, explaining a bit about the  characters. They’re made of rather flimsy plastic and are very light. They’re also fairly small, only holding 10 ounces. Here are closeups of the fronts and backs of each cup (it’s hard to take a picture of a cylindrical object like this, so you can’t see all of the artwork).

C-3PO, R2-D2 & Wicket: Front, Back
The Vehicles: Front, Back
The Villains: Front, Back
The Creatures: Front, Back
The Rebels: Front, Back

I’d be interested in getting some more stuff related to this line of cookies. Steve Sansweet mentioned that he saved a number of the cookies and shellacked them in an attempt to preserve them, but they eventually deteriorated so I imagine there are none of the actual cookies left. However, the original brass molds that were used to stamp out the cookies (including the ones for Jabba and Max Rebo) are apparently in various collections, as are the original tooling masters, which the molds were made from. Maybe I could track down a box that shows Jabba, at least… (EDIT: Found one.)

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