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Kenner Collection Power of the Force Oola and Salacious Crumb by Hasbro

March 27, 2010

Released in 1998, this figure was part of Hasbro’s “Kenner Collection.” It was only available as a mailaway offer and wasn’t sold in stores. In addition, this is the only Oola figure that’s ever been made. Pretty surprising since she had a much more prominent part in the film than many of the background aliens that did nothing in the film and yet still had multiple figures made. I can only guess that the toy companies were skittish about releasing an action figure of a half-naked girl, or that they thought she didn’t have as much play potential as guys with guns. She’s pretty well done for the time, and has real mesh on her legs. I think of Oola as being more green than yellow, though.

Salacious isn’t bad, but he’s pretty cartoony looking compared to most Star Wars figures. I have no idea why they made him standing up. His thin legs don’t really support his body well, and I don’t think we ever saw him standing up like this in the film. This same Salacious was released several years later with the Power of the Jedi Amanaman figure.

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