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Hasbro Power of the Jedi Amanaman and Salacious Crumb

March 27, 2010

Released in 2001, this was one of the “fan’s choice” figures that Hasbro made after polling their customers about which characters they wanted made. I think this is only the second Amanaman figure that has been made, the first being the vintage Power of the Force figure that came out in 1985, so I imagine that was one reason the fans wanted a new version. Amanaman only appeared for a second in Return of the Jedi, but despite that he’s been rather popular. He comes with a staff (complete with skulls) and a headless skeleton, as well as a Salacious Crumb. Salacious is the same one that came with Kenner’s Power of the Force Oola, although I think the paint on this one isn’t quite as well done. All in all, he’s a good background character for a Jabba display, although not as tall as I might have expected.

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