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Jabba the Hutt with Two-Head Announcer Figure (Japanese version)

January 24, 2020

I wouldn’t say this is my favorite version of a Jabba toy — far from it, really. But I have managed to accumulate a lot of stuff related to it. In addition to the normal American release, I also have the multi-lingual European release, a preproduction “Kenner Standard” version, and a lot of preproduction documents from Kenner about the set’s production. But I never had the Japanese version until now, so I was excited to see it pop up on Yahoo Actions Japan. Like the Japanese version of the POTF2 Jabba figure, this is really just the American version with a sticker on the back, but it’s still cool to see.

There’s nothing too interesting in the Japanese text. Most of it is the usual safety warnings, although it does include instructions about how to use the water-squirting and chuba-spitting features. I also find it interesting that they used the English word “with” twice: “Star Wars Episode 1 Creature with Figure” and “Jabba the Hutt with Announcer.”

What I would really like to know is if the original vintage Jabba the Hutt Action Playset ever had a Japanese version like this. So far I haven’t found even any photos of one.


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