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New Jabba-Related Items From Regal Robot (Plus 20% off for Black Friday!)

November 29, 2019


I’ve posted before about Regal Robot’s Jabba’s Dais Gargoyle magnet, which was a 2019 Celebration exclusive. That seems to have been pretty successful for them, and now they have adapted the design to some larger items. Namely, a towel holder and a door knocker. These seem like a perfect fit for the gargoyle design, and I’m excited that someone finally made something like this. The towel holder is made of resin and metal (I’m assuming the ring is metal and the head is resin) and retails for $74.99.


The door knocker is made entirely of metal, which is impressive.


It looks like the neck portion has been cut off so that it doesn’t stick out quite as much, which makes sense if you’re going to use it as a door knocker. This one retails for $119.99. Both of these are still in production, but are supposed to arrive before Christmas.


One other item that caught my eye was this mini Mythosaur skull from The Mandalorian.


This is a resin sculpture with a faux metal look and retails for $39. (By the way, can we talk about how awesome The Manalorian has been so far? I am really liking it, and it’s helping me get excited about Star Wars again after some disappointments with the recent films.)

Regal Robot is also giving 20% off Star Wars decor items for Black Friday with the coupon HOLIDAY19, so now would be the perfect chance to order one of these. The code is valid through this Monday (December 2nd).

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