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Cold-Cast Bronze “Little Jabba” Statue by PickledCircus

July 25, 2019


I first heard about PickledCircus on Etsy when someone sent me a link to his “Fermenting Fortuna” piece, which you can see below. It’s a great piece, but at more than $300 it was well out of my price range.


So I was glad to see that he made a “bronze edition” version of just the “Little Jabba” sculpt available for much less. It’s currently sold out, but it’s possible he might make more if people are interested.

pickled_circus_jabba4.jpg pickled_circus_jabba2.jpg

It’s a great little sculpt that is inspired by some artwork that was also made by PickledCircus, and I got a small print of it included with my purchase.


By the way, I’ve noticed that I have a bit of a bad habit. I will get something new for the collection and post a photo to Instagram, and then feel like it’s “done” even though I haven’t even mentioned it on this site. So I have a number of things that I got a while ago that I haven’t posted yet, including this little guy.


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