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Celebration Chicago Swag Featuring Jabba & Friends as 1920’s Chicago Gangsters

May 23, 2019

As much as I like the commercial products and exclusives that get shown off at Star Wars Celebration, the “swag” that people and companies make to give away at various events is often a lot more unique. Seven years ago (!) I posted about some swag from the 501st Legion Imperial Bash at Celebration VI, and this is in a similar vein. It consists of a shot glass, patch, and 3 buttons, all featuring artwork of Jabba the Hutt, Bib Fortuna and Salacious Crumb as 1920s-style Chicago gangsters (with the shot glass and buttons showing them as if they were in mug shots). There’s also a poker chip with Oola’s image on it that reads “Oola la!” on the back. I don’t know any specifics about who made these, or for what event, so if you know feel free to comment or shoot me an email.

(By the way, this was included in this YouTube videoI made about Celebration exclusives, if you want to see a bit more about it.)


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