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Get a Jabba the Hutt Aura on LINE Play!

May 3, 2019


I’m willing to bet that the Venn diagram of Jabba fans and LINE Play fans does not overlap much at all. LINE Play is a mobile game where players make avatars that they can dress in all kinds of cute and/or frilly outfits, and they can also decorate their houses with similarly cute items. My sister has played the game for a long time, and let me know that they had a special deal for Star Wars Day where you can get a Jabba the Hutt “aura” (basically a thing that you wear that follows you around all the time in the game). To get it, you have to have another player send you three Princess Leia costume items, which cost “cash” (an in-game currency that costs actual money to buy). So yeah, the number of people who would want to do this is probably very small. But I’m one of them!


Above is my avatar wearing the aura. The only slightly bad part is that your avatar always obscures part of Jabba when you’re wearing it. Part of me wishes they had made it a furniture item that you can decorate your house with instead, but on the other hand making it an aura means that you can take it with you when you visit other people’s houses or the public areas of the game. Below you can see me wearing the Princess Leia outfit that I needed to get the Jabba. Cute, no?


If you want one of these auras for yourself, you have to act quickly — they are only available through sometime on May 5th (although that may be Japan time, so it’s probably best to think of it as ending on May 4th). Below is a short video to give you a better idea of what it looks like in the game.

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